Santa Fe Outdoor Activities

Santa Fe Outdoor ActivitiesIt's a difficult prospect to not be a nature lover when you find yourself outdoors in Santa Fe. The area's incredible scenery, rustic terrain, and expansive areas surely appeal to nature lovers of every age. Santa Fe's amazing parks, whether the kind in which you can enjoy a picnic or the bigger, national variety, are just one example of the incredible, sprawling natural beauty that lives here in Santa Fe. It's also that allure that continues to make avid nature lovers out of all who visit this amazing part of the world.

Santa Fe National Forest
The Santa Fe National Forest is situated on a staggering 1.6 million acres at an altitude of 13,000 feet. Nature lovers find that there is plenty to admire about this outdoor oasis, not the least of which are the diverse ecosystems that give life to a large variety of fish, animals, and various species of birds. This particular site is one of five national forests in New Mexico and features some of the finest mountain scenery in the country, if not the world!

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Atalaya Mountain Trail
Nature lovers love to get up close and personal with their natural surroundings, and sometimes, the best way to do that is to simply hit the trail! In Santa Fe, one of the most popular ones is the Atalaya Mountain Trail. One of the reasons that this trail is so popular is because of its easy accessibility, as visitors can take the "M" city bus to the trailhead on the campus of St. John's College. This trail is one of the area's more challenging excursions, as it heads up a 9,121-foot peak and has areas that are a challenge, even for the most seasoned outdoorsman.

Address: 1160 Camino Cruz Blanca, Santa Fe, NM 87505- MAP
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Nambe Falls
Nature lovers and history buffs will have much to enjoy outdoors when visiting Nambe Falls. There is plenty to captivate the eye, as this area features such natural amenities as waterfalls, fishing, camping, and inviting hiking trails. The excellent lookout points are numerous, but make sure to check out the area above Nambe Pueblo, which is one of the most breathtaking. The spot is also where the annual Fourth of July dance ceremony is held.

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Hyde Memorial State Park
The Hyde Memorial State Park consistently attracts nature buffs in large numbers year-round. Located in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains at 8,500 feet, this park features plenty of captivating scenery, quiet settings and year-round outdoor recreation. Dogs of all sizes are allowed but owners are advised not to leave them unattended. Among the natural amenities that Hyde Memorial State Park offers are boating, fishing, playgrounds, swimming pools and wildlife viewing. And, when the weather gets snowy, visitors can enjoy an afternoon of sledding or skiing, as the ski area is just seven miles out of town.

Address: 740 Hyde Park Road, Santa Fe, NM 87501 - MAP
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Arroyo de los Chamisos Trail
Great scenery and a welcome chance to get a little exercise outdoors await you when you visit the Arroyo de los Chamisos Trail. This trail winds through the southwestern part of Santa Fe. The 2.5 mile paved path follows a chamisa-lined arroyo and offers spectacular mountain views. So whether you want to walk or ride your bike, this is the trail to take. Also, dogs are allowed but must be on their leashes at all times.

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