Santa Fe Nightlife

Santa Fe NightlifeThe sun may be hot in the midday sky over Santa Fe, but when it goes down and the cool desert breezes bring a bit of a chill to the night air, there's still a certain kind of sizzle that will keep you warm when you experience the city's inviting nightlife. Great bars, fun dance clubs and various entertaining diversions await you under the bright lights of Santa Fe's illustrious nightlife.

Vanessie of Santa Fe
At Vanessie of Santa Fe, there is always a Piano Man playing songs that will truly make you feel alright. The charming piano bar is located inside Vanessie's restaurant and attracts fans of great food and equally appealing music. The melodies you know and love come to life thanks to the keyboard virtuosity of such players as Charles Tichenor, Doug Montgomery and other master keyboardists. If you don't feel like heading into the restaurant, you can still order light menu items at the bar so you won't miss a note of the nightlife fun.

Address: 434 W San Francisco Street, Santa Fe, NM 87501 - MAP
Phone: (505) 982-9966

La Cantina at Casa Sena
Can't decide whether to take in a movie or a show? You can have both when you make La Cantina at Casa Sena part of your evening plans. The waitstaff doubles as performers of musical comedy, so not only do they serve up favorites like excellent Southwestern or New Mexican entrees, there's also a generous helping of Broadway-styled, nightlife entertainment to enjoy, as well.

Address: 125 E Palace Ave, Santa Fe, NM 87501 - MAP
Phone: (505) 988-9232

Dragon Room
When a friend recommends a bar or restaurant, you tend to agree with them to a certain extent. But when a place gets high marks from an impressive source like International Newsweek magazine touting it as one of the world's best bars, you tend to pay even more attention. Santa Fe's Dragon Room is a nightlife destination that deserves all the kudos it has amassed, as the venue is both a stylish and comfortable place to relax and have a few drinks. The bar is also associated with the Pink Adobe restaurant and that team-up makes it the city's ultimate destination for dinner, wine and cocktails.

Address: 406 Old Santa Fe Trail, The Pink Adobe,
Santa Fe NM 87501 - MAP
Phone: (505) 983-7712

El Farol
El Farol prides itself in always celebrating the spirit of Santa Fe. The full-service menu at this excellent restaurant includes an impressive selection of tapas and full entrees. There is also live music every night, performed by some of the area's best blues and Latin performers, making it an ideal stop on the nightlife scene. Also, check the schedule for the immensely popular flamenco shows.

Address: 808 Canyon Road, Santa Fe, NM 87501 - MAP
Phone: (505) 983-9912

San Felipe Casino Hollywood
The glam and glitz of the Las Vegas nightlife isn't as far away as you think when you find yourself in the middle of the action at the San Felipe Casino Hollywood. This state-of-the-art gaming venue features all the bells and whistles you'd expect in Sin City. There's also top-drawer entertainment and shows that are also worthy of Vegas' brightest spotlights. Cash is required to play all of the casino games.

Address: 25 Hagen Road, Exit 252 on I-25, San Felipe, NM 87001 - MAP
Phone: (505) 867-6700