Arts, Music & Entertainment in Santa Fe

Arts, Music & Entertainment in Santa FeThere are many talented performers in Santa Fe who pride themselves in continuing the tradition of excellence whenever they step out on stage. Whether they are acting in a play, performing in a ballet or symphony, or putting the final touches on their painting or sculpture, they are all major players in this truly vibrant scene. Their heartfelt efforts and unique talents all interplay to create an eclectic (and electrifying) arts, music and entertainment scene in Santa Fe.

The Lensic
There's nothing like seeing a performance at The Lensic, Santa Fe's Performing Arts Center. Some of the world's finest dancers, actors and musicians can be regularly found on this entertainment venue's classically-styled stage. After extensive restoration, the center re-opened its doors in 2001, and has since continued the tradition of presenting an impressive schedule of must-see performances that have continued to delight audiences of all ages.

Address: 211 San Francisco Street, Santa Fe, NM 87501- MAP
Phone: (505) 988-1234

Aspen Santa Fe Ballet
The Aspen Santa Fe Ballet not only preserves the tradition of dance but the world-renowned organization also prides itself in giving back to the community. With over ten years behind them, the ballet company now begins its second decade of awe-inspiring performances that it is known for. But in addition to offering entertainment and excellent stage productions like Kiss Me Goodnight and Stamping Ground, the organization places education at the top of its list of priorities. To that end, the Ballet provides a Mexican folklore youth program, Aspen Santa Fe Ballet Folklorico, to not only celebrate but preserve some of the area's most vital and time-honored cultural traditions.

Address: 550 B Street Michael's Drive, Santa Fe, NM 87505 - MAP
Phone: (505) 983-5591

Theater Grottesco
The actors who often take the stage at Theater Grottesco love to challenge their audiences. These performers are as versatile as they are talented, and that is quite obvious from the far-ranging selection of material that the group performs year round. From side-splitting comedy entertainment to stern-faced dramas to buoyant dance numbers, these pros can do it all. And, in addition to offering such fine theatrical performances, their work is often thought-provoking and emotionally charged to the point that what they do within the confines of their characters will make a lasting imprint on you long after the curtain has come down.

Address: 551 W Cordova Road #8400, Santa Fe, NM 87505- MAP
Phone: (505) 474-8400

Center for Contemporary Arts and Cinematheque
Santa Fe's Center for Contemporary Arts and Cinematheque is a fascinating compendium of art in its various forms. The entertainment venue and art center regularly presents the work of internationally, nationally, and regionally known contemporary artists who are given the opportunity to share their artistic expressions in dance, music performance, poetry readings, and various other types of performances. The Center is also equipped to regularly present the work of filmmakers in their screening facility, in addition to offering a steady stream of specialized art exhibitions.

Address: 1050 Old Pecos Trail, Santa Fe, NM 87505- MAP
Phone: (505) 982-1338

Santa Fe Performing Arts
Santa Fe Performing Arts is a place that is constantly abuzz with entertainment from talented performers and artistic visionaries whose mission it is to continue to further the arts in Santa Fe. The group works hard to provide the community with an affordable performing arts facility with its ultimate goal being to nurture talented individuals to pursue their love of the arts. The venue also offers office space for non-profit performing arts organizations and provides a vibrant environment in which ideas can be exchanged and new artistic partnerships can be formed.

Address: 1050 Old Pecos Trail, Santa Fe, NM 87505- MAP
Phone: (505) 982-7992

Santa Fe Pro Musica Chamber Orchestra and Ensemble
When you're looking for some musical entertainment with a touch of class, look no further than Santa Fe Pro Musica Chamber Orchestra and Ensemble. These consummate professional musicians work hard to make each performance unforgettable for the audience as well as for themselves. Their versatility is impressive, as they present stellar interpretations of the work of such important composers as Mozart, Vivaldi and Bach, just to name a few. The group also presents a special Holy Week performance of Mozart and Hayden in the St. Francis Cathedral, along with the highly popular Christmas Candlelight Concert. The season runs from September through May.

Address: 430 Manhattan, Suite 10, Santa Fe, NM 87504 - MAP
Phone: (505) 988-4640